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If you have followed the link to this page, it means we attracted your attention. Please, spend several minutes of your precious time to read and learn more about us.

Coinoma Limited is an officially registered company, We are your reliable guide to the world of exchange trade on Forex market and cryptocurrency exchanges.

Exchange trade is developing at a breathtaking pace. Some decade ago Forex trading was considered a domain of the select few and even less people heard of cryptocurrency, whereas nowadays brokers and private traders are active residents of markets and exchanges as opposed to central banks and hedge funds.

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Cryptocurrency exchange

is an online platform where traders, investors and owners of digital coins buy, sell and exchange crypto-.

What is Forex trading?

It is a financial market for the free exchange, purchase and sale of currencies. The word 'Forex' comes from two English words: foreign exchange.

What is a cryptocurrency exchange? questions

Now there are hundreds trading platforms at the cryptocurrency market, where trade continues nonstop. There is no need in giving examples, if you have ever been interested in cryptocurrency you are sure to know a couple of industry juggernauts.

The main differences between cryptocurrency exchanges are as follows:

Recent years have been marked by the rapid development of cryptocurrencies and, as a result, cryptocurrency markets (exchanges), as an alternative to conventional financial markets, where, as before, fiat currencies dominate.

  • variety of trading
    pairs and tools;
  • commission for service
  • account
  • personal data

Cryptocurrency trading, just as cryptocurrency itself, has its own specifics: high volatility, decentralization and absence of supervising bodies, globalization and co-dependence of numerous external factors.

What are we Driving at? conclusions

From all of the above, we can conclude that exchange trade is a complicated instrument that never forgives mistakes and makes no allowances.

If you lack experience in financial trading but long for earning on emerging markets, we can offer you a good method of investing with minimum risks for your money.

Coinoma Limited is a team of traders who will help you solve this issue relying not only on your own success.

Our team that consists of over a hundred successful analysts, traders, economists and programmers intensively uses accumulated knowledge and many years of experience for correct and, what is more important, timely analysis of the situation on global markets.

We literally have our finger on the pulse, monitor subtle movements in the markets and exchanges, using the latest methods and algorithms.

You don't need to undergo a long-term training and gain bitter experience of trading in highly volatile markets to make a profit.