The main advantages of our platform are:

1st Protection from DDoS attacks

It is a full-scale protection using an up-to-date complex of equipment and resisting all known types of DDoS attacks by providing continuous monitoring and support of current filtration rules. Such an approach ensures continuous operation of the platform and helps avoid unpleasant consequences.

2st Dedicated server

This is a separate physical data storage, all the resources of which are at the lessee’s disposal. The “dedicated server” service means the rental of one physical server by one client. You choose the hardware, calculating possible loads in the future, and the hoster places the server in a rack cabinet located in the data center.

Сompany Security Guarantees security

Coinoma Limited cares about security of each
of our clients with no exceptions.

To ensure a high level of protection of personal data and personal funds of our clients, we have implemented all possible security systems, and also took care of flexibility of customized data in your personal account of the platform.

We use only a licensed program product and ensure an absolute level of user data protection through SSL-encryption.

3st EV-SSL (Extended Validation)

This is the most efficient and prestigious solution that is widely used in online business. This certificate allows you to achieve a green line in the browser, which is a guarantee of security and reliability.

Two-factor authentication security

This is a method of user identification on a service that uses two dissent types of data authentication.

Introduction of an additional security level ensures more efficient account protection from unauthorized access.

Flexible security settings are available for each Coinoma Limited user in their personal account: tracking IP address changes; tracking of browser changes; authorization, withdrawal of funds, change of personal data using two-factor data verification.

Please note!

Two-factor authentication is not activated by default in account settings. To ensure the maximum level of personal data security, please enable 2FA in your account settings.