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Coinoma Limited offers a stable and safe way of earning money on cryptocurrency and Forex markets.

about company

Why you should choose our company: our advantages

Coinoma Limited has a wide range of advantages that make us essentially stand out among our competitors:

High interest rate that results in the income level you will get.

Any other investment method requires much more time and offers much less income interest.


Investment Plan: we offer

  • plan duration30 Days
  • total profit154%
  • min - max deposit20 USD - 1,00,000 USD
  • principalIncluded
  • earningEvery Business Days (Mon - Fri)
  • instant paymentYes, Provided
  • min withdraw amount1 USD 3 USD

We have prepared a comprehensive investment offer with a total income of up to

  • 1.4$ daily profit
  • 30.8$ Total return
Safety guarantee and high security level.

We use only a licensed program product and ensure an absolute level of user data protection through EVSSL-encryption.

High stability and actual absence of risks:

we guarantee stable payments on all undertaken obligations.

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Three-level affiliate program with the possibility to earn additional income from each new invited user:
  • 5%
  • 1%
  • 1%

Attract new partners to your own referral structure by using your personal referral link.

Convenient user interface:

we made sure it would be comfortable for you to use our website, invest and withdraw accumulated funds in two clicks.

We are always ready to help you.

We are open 24/7, so any of your questions or wishes will be processed by our Support service in the shortest time possible.


Some decade ago Forex trading was considered a domain of the select few and even less people heard of cryptocurrency.

The question arises whether it is possible to be successful in such trading operations having no specific knowledge or experience.

Coinoma Limited is a team of traders who will help you solve this issue relying not only on your own success. You don't need to undergo a long-term training and gain bitter experience of trading in highly volatile markets to make a profit.

If you lack experience in financial trading but long for earning on emerging markets, we can offer you a good method of investing with minimum risks for your money.

Coinoma Limited is your reliable partner
in the matters of financial stability.


Let us introduce coinoma to you about us

Risk/profit ratio - is an indicator that allows you to assess the potential profit in a transaction in relation to a possible loss.


Coinoma's work in figures: statistics


Here is the brief statistics of our Company's work on attracting investments for

24 total visitors
83932.32$ total deposits
18717.58$ total withdrawals
957 total users

Basic Trading Strategies used strategies

Trading Strategy - is a plan of actions aimed at making profit in the financial markets.

Following the trend and development

One of the main recommendations from experienced traders when opening a trading account is not to go against the main trend. Transactions made alongside with the market move significantly increase the likelihood of a positive outcome.

Scalping as a special kind of intraday trading

Scalping is a peculiar but quickly developing trading style that can be very interesting and quite stressful most of the time.

Scalpers make dozens and sometimes hundreds transaction per day quickly closing each of them as soon as they see several cents of profit. Generally, income is gained due to bid/ask spread.

Breakout trading is one of the most popular approaches to opening a transaction.

An important condition for breakout trading is the presence of a strong bull or bear trend and a relevant level of support/resistance. Having noticed a breakdown, new buyers enter the stock item (in case of a bearish breakdown, sellers enter short position), thus ensuring continuation of a strong move.